# 84 Steve Schepens

If you can’t stand the heat
get out the kitchen III, 2019

(After Richard Serra - Catching Lead, 1968)

Steve Schepens (*1979 Ghent, Belgium; lives in Brussels) works with the idea of a contemporary man being lost in the labyrinth of meaning and icons as well as the impossibility for the spectator to find any access to the meaning of an artwork – this keeps on preoccupying him. Moreover, the intertextual nature of Schepens’ work, his fascination with philosophy along with high-brow and pop-culture receive even more obvious manifestation in his choice of titles. They are ironic and unexpected. At times, the onlooker has to make a long journey through a semantic labyrinth to find the hidden Minotaur of meaning.

Friday 28 / 06 / 2019
Beer:Saison De Dottignies